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Installations and setup are even easier with our range of comprehensive services.
A new open system offers numerous new options.
Our cybersecurity and GreenIP play in the premium league!

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We now offer you simple and open solutions that are convincing in terms of their overall costs and unique in many areas, including cybersecurity.

Now you can take advantage of our greatly enhanced support with our new MOBOTIX Professional Services, which help you configure your MOBOTIX video systems. We preconfigure all important data in advance at our plant. And we can assist you on-site when your system is installed. We’re also at your side if you have any problems after an installation.

Our new hardware offers, the easily scalable MOBOTIX NAS data storage and high-quality MOBOTIX MOVE ONVIF standard cameras (PTZ Speed Dome, Vandal Dome, Bullet) enhance our premium portfolio with long-term, environmentally friendly quality. For the decentralized IoT cameras, we also offer a carefree warranty for up to eight years – without restrictions to individual components!

Our MxManagementCenter VMS solution is also significantly more efficient and flexible. Thanks to the ONVIF certification, the current MxMC now also supports ONVIF-S cameras from third-party manufacturers. This makes it easy to economically integrate existing cameras from your system into a futureproof and cybersecure complete MOBOTIX solution that consists of cameras, sensors, storage devices and PC- and app-based video management systems.

Discover the

It’s worth more than ever!

With exceptional openness and global thinking and in close and honest cooperation with our worldwide partners, we develop complete systems that are cybersecure, decentralized and energy-efficient.

Our goal is to protect people and property while saving our customers money with each MOBOTIX system they install.

  • Our new service concept
  • Open systems and new hardware and software
  • Cybersecurity is indispensable

Professional Services

The exclusive service offensive for MOBOTIX partners

Pre-Configuration Service

Inhouse configuration of MOBOTIX video systems before delivering

We take over the most important network and storage settings for your newly ordered MOBOTIX video systems.

Most important advantages:
  • Reduction of your personal workload for the entire project
  • Only event and image settings need to be configured
  • Minimization of configuration errors and use of the very latest device software
  • Configuration with function guarantee directly at the MOBOTIX factory in Germany

Field Engineering

Complete system configuration and user training directly on-site

Our MOBOTIX specialists take over the complete configuration of an already installed MOBOTIX video system.

Most important advantages:
  • Save time by outsourcing all configuration work in the project directly to MOBOTIX
  • Extended configuration options compared to Pre-Configuration Service
  • Delivery of an optimally usable and tested complete system
  • Possibility of accepting project orders even in the event of time and personnel bottlenecks

Remote Support Services

System configuration and troubleshooting via secure IP remote connection

We can configure and maintain even complex MOBOTIX video systems quickly and competently using temporary and protected remote access.

Most important advantages:
  • Time saved by outsourcing all configuration, maintenance and support work in the project directly to MOBOTIX
  • Complete device and system configuration service
  • For all MOBOTIX hardware and software components in new and existing projects
  • Faster processing of project orders in the event of time and personnel bottlenecks

On-Site Support

Competent troubleshooting directly at your customer's site

If remote diagnosis is not possible for technical or other reasons, we will be happy to help you with advice and practical help within the scope of our Professional Services, including on-site troubleshooting.

Most important advantages:
  • Save time by using the collected expert knowledge of MOBOTIX
  • Fast and professional solution - even for complicated problems
  • Top service for minimized downtimes
  • Handover of an optimally operational and tested complete system

Open systems and new hardware and software

MOBOTIX – an open system?

MOBOTIX opens up – including for third-party hardware and software.

A complete solution by MOBOTIX is a perfectly coordinated, cybersecure system with many benefits. For cost reasons, some of our customers want to keep some of their old hardware and switch gradually to an intelligent, cybersecure and high-quality MOBOTIX system. Others in turn require very specific industry solutions.

We understood this and opened up our system

Now it’s easy to integrate ONVIF-compatible cameras from third-party manufacturers so they can communicate with our MOBOTIX software. It’s now easier than ever to connect MOBOTIX hardware and software components with those from other manufacturers to get a complete and application-optimized solution – at an especially low total cost of ownership (TCO).

The demand for individual solutions continues to grow

Through joint innovations with our partners, we provide secure complete solutions which successfully enhance the MOBOTIX portfolio. We. With the new Partner Society, we cover the entire spectrum of individual application solutions from our Technology and Solution Partners. Technology Partners are leading providers of complementary products such as Genetec or Milestone which integrate MOBOTIX into their company’s own product. Solution Partners are existing Channel Partners who have developed their own intelligent application solutions for MOBOTIX technology.

Your benefits:
  • A much larger range of services and solutions for special areas.
  • A greater variety of linkable hardware and software components.
  • Mastering special challenges and closing gaps in market demands.
  • Easier transition to MOBOTIX, since existing hardware can continue to be used.
  • As a MOBOTIX partner, you too benefit from the sale of offers by our Solution Partners.

Hardware and software

A greatly expanded product portfolio increases your options.

The decentralized MOBOTIX IoT cameras

Featuring lifelong firmware updates free of charge, the decentralized MOBOTIX IoT cameras don’t need mobile components and thus have an above-average service life. This makes them much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly compared to other systems (the MTBF value is over ten years).


Based on numerous requests, we enhanced our product range to include more “movable” types of cameras. The MOBOTIX MOVE range currently includes ten ONVIF-compatible camera models, such as PTZ Speed Domes, Bullet and Dome cameras – all with excellent quality and perfect compatibility with the MxManagementCenter.

Our MOBOTIX MOVE range also has superior video quality. The Wide Dynamic Range function delivers optimal images even in situations that are challenging due to great lighting differences within a scene (e.g. foyer with large window areas). IR blocking filters and the latest IR-LED technology create perfect images during the day and in the deepest night. The automatic focal length control adjusts quickly to deliver sharp images when the PTZ cameras change positions.

Your benefits:
  • You get the best hardware with new functions as an enhancement of our existing system.
  • MOBOTIX MOVE cameras can be integrated into the MxManagementCenter license-free.
  • The superior quality of the MOBOTIX MOVE products will impress you as much as the professional support directly from MOBOTIX.

Changing Video Surveillance

MOBOTIX 7 - Anything is Possible

Limitlessly scalable, intelligent and modular thanks to the support of tailormade apps. Welcome to your open MOBOTIX 7 universe: This high-end technology is implemented in the new high-end IoT camera M73, which opens up more possibilities than ever before.

The MOBOTIX 7 Platform – Open to New Ideas

The MOBOTIX 7 platform opens up the system to all user groups for the first time. It therefore provides an infinite number of possibilities. The MOBOTIX 7 system platform already includes special apps that cover a significant number of industry-specific, individual requirements. In addition, the platform is open for apps developed by our partners and customers. This is how new solutions are created all the time. The possibilities now grow with the customer's needs.

The New M73 With 3 Modules

The M73 is simply the best and most innovative IP video system that MOBOTIX has ever built. The M73 is extremely compact yet delivers a stand-out performance, thanks in particular to the powerful Quad-Core-ARM Cortex-A53 processor. The camera offers space for three sensor or function modules for the very first time. This makes the M73 more versatile and flexible than any other MOBOTIX camera before it.

Cybersecurity and Green IP

We deliver!

Top-class cybersecurity

We protect people and companies against cyberattacks.

Cybercriminals often penetrate the electronic networks of companies or institutions through their video surveillance. The damage can be enormous. It often results in loss of trust, severe penalties, high fines and the loss of sensitive data.

What does MOBOTIX do differently from its competitors?

  • An IoT video system from MOBOTIX processes all data directly in the camera. The camera transmits only relevant information with superior encryption and logs it continuously.
  • The system automatically detects outside dataflows, which it reports and prohibits.
  • It’s not possible to overwrite the camera software externally.
  • MOBOTIX regularly undergoes penetration tests by leading.
  • If requested, our technical specialists at MOBOTIX will handle the correct setup of the hardware and software.
Your benefits:
  • Security for your customers’ companies.
  • Security for sensitive data.
  • Protection against high fines and penalties.

Green IP Video

Durable and energy-saving MOBOTIX systems protect resources and our environment.

Environmental awareness is growing around the world while energy prices are rising and MOBOTIX offers outstanding solutions.

How much energy is needed by a camera or the network and computer technology they are based on? This varies greatly. The network cable (PoE) fully supplies MOBOTIX IoT cameras with minimal amounts of energy and only relevant data is transmitted via the network. There is no need for permanent computational power from external computers or mass storage systems (which constantly consume power). This is noticeable.

A complete solution from MOBOTIX saves energy and IT resources over many years, which – virtually on the side – also makes it one of the most attractive systems on the market in economical terms.

The durability of MOBOTIX cameras is another financial and ecological benefit. While our cameras often survive multiple generations of devices from other market players, they save material and costs. Today even 15-year-old camera models are still serviced with cybersecure software updates and can be repaired inexpensively, thanks to the intelligent modular design. By the way, some MOBOTIX cameras have already been running for about 20 years without needing any replacement parts.

Your benefits:
  • Active contribution to environmental and climate protection.
  • Protection of environmental resources (energy, material and CO2).
  • Noticeable financial benefits for the total cost of the video system (TCO).

Your “Welcome to the new MOBOTIX”-Package

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